457 Australian Work Visas

The 457 Australian Work Visa allows the holder to live and work in Australia for up to 4 years. The 457 visa applicant must have an eligible position on offer to them in Australia and be Sponsored and Nominated by the business offering them employment. Many people choose this visa as it is by far the easiest method to obtain Permanent Residence in Australia.

There is no minimum age requirement for this visa.  The processing time for the 457 visa is typically two to four weeks.

Skill Requirement

When making an application for 457 work visas, the Visa applicant needs to demonstrate that they have the required skills, education and work experience to perform the nominated occupation. The required skill level will depend on the occupation in which the visa applicant is nominated in.

Most professional occupations require a degree or at least 5 years relevant work experience while other occupations require a trade certificate/diploma or at least 1-3 years relevant experience depending on the occupation.
Where an application is made on the basis of the applicants work experience only, employment references need to be supplied that demonstrate the applicants ability to perform the occupation. The Department has strict requirements on what must be included in employment references.

In addition, the visa applicant will need to demonstrate that they meet the following criteria:
457 Visa English Language RequirementThe following are exempt from meeting the English Language requirement:

The following are exempt from meeting the English Language requirement:

  • People from, UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand or Ireland.
  • Those visa applicants offered a base salary above a certain threshold.
  • Those nominated in occupations in ANZSCO Major Group 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, sub-major group 31 or unit group 3993.

Those that are not exempt from meeting the English language requirement will ordinarily have to provide evidence that they have English language ability at IELTS 5. However, should your nominated occupation require a higher English threshold for registration, licencing or membership in Australia you will have to demonstrate that you can meet the higher English Language threshold.

457 Health Insurance Requirements

Health Insurance for 457 Visa holders (including accompanying family members) equivalent to that offered to Australians under the Medicare system is mandatory, and a visa will not be granted until health insurance is obtained. Those visa applicants from countries with reciprocal health care arrangements with the Australian government can satisfy this criteria by providing proof of enrolment with Australian Medicare (Irish passport holders do not require this and need only show their passport).

Visa applicants from certain countries and those intending to undertake specific activities in Australia may be required to undergo medical examinations before a visa is granted.
Including your family members/De Facto partner on your 457 Visa
A de-facto partner can be included in a 457 visa application as an accompanying secondary applicant. A de–facto relationship will have to be demonstrated as part of your application. Ordinarily you will have to demonstrate that you and your partner have been living together for at least 6 months.

Changing Employers or Occupation

Recent reforms to the 457 visa regime have enabled those that already hold a 457 visa to change employers or occupations without the need to make an additional visa application. A Nomination application will have to be made if you are in this situation and your new employer will be required to be an approved Business Sponsor.

Previous visa cancelled, visa refused or no longer holding a substantive visa
Where a visa applicant has had a previous visa cancelled, application for a visa refused or no longer holds a substantive visa (i.e. holding a bridging visa) they may be prevented from making a valid application while in Australia. In these circumstances, it is of the utmost importance that you consult an experienced Registered Migration Agent so that a strategy may be implemented to allow you to make a valid application.

It is often the case that Migration Law makes provision for the waiver of certain requirements in the above circumstances. As such, careful consideration of your situation needs to assessed and a strategy devised so that you may achieve your desired goal.

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