Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) Appeal

You may have the option to lodge an application to the AAT where your visa application has been refused or your visa has been cancelled. Your notification letter from the Department of Immigration will ordinarily indicate your appeal rights and the time limits in which you must lodge your appeal.

There are strict time limits to lodge an appeal so it is very important that you seek accurate advice as soon as you receive your refusal or visa cancellation letter from the Department of Immigration. You must ensure that an application for review is submitted within the time period provided by law.

Where your visa application is refused the AAT review is like a second chance to apply where the tribunal member sits in the place of the original decision maker. This allows you to put additional evidence in support of your application, particularly if it was lacking or missing in the initial application, which is not unusual where the original visa application was made without the assistance of a Registered Migration Agent.

Where your visa is cancelled you can show reasons why your visa should not have been cancelled and submit evidence in support of that decision.

Should I lodge an application for review and how we can help you?

In order to win your AAT appeal, you need to demonstrate that you satisfy the legal requirement which your case officer decided was not satisfied.  We can assess your individual circumstances and help you determine whether you can satisfy the requirement that has lead to the refusal of your application – this will enable you to determine whether you should proceed with the MRT application. Migration Law and policy often involves the application of discretionary factors in deciding your case. Your circumstances may indicate that in your case there are good reasons why your visa should not have been refused or cancelled and your MRT application would address these reasons.

Our professional fee for an  Eligibility Assessment is $290 –  the purpose of this service is to discuss the eligibility requirement which was not satisfied,  and to help you decide whether you should proceed with an appeal, i.e. Assessing wether you have a case or not. Separate fees (outlined below) apply if you need our assistance with your MRT application. However, we will deduct our Eligibility Assessment fee from the fees below should you decide to appoint us to lodge your MRT  application.


Application Fees

Service Fees
AAT Application Fee $1731
Professional Fees $3900 – $8900


The Tribunal will refund 50% of the application fee if a favorable decision is made on your case.


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