Skills Assessment Authorities have been appointed by the Australian Government to assess applicant’s work experience and/or qualification for the purpose of satisfying the Skill requirement in many visa applications.

Successfully completed Skills Assessments can be required at the time you make your visa application (to comply with valid application requirements) or prior to a decision being made on your visa application i.e. you may complete a Skills Assessment application after you have lodged your visa application.

Circumstances where a Skills Assessment may be required are:

  • Applying directly for a Permanent Work 186 visa.
  • Applying for a Temporary 457 Work visa, where your nominated occupation and country of origin will determine if a skills assessment will be required
  • Applying for a 485 Graduate Visa
  • Applying for a General Skilled Migration 189/190 Visa

Often a Skills Assessment used for one purpose may not be used for another (e.g. a Skills Assessment completed for a 485 Graduate visa will not be valid for a permanent work visa or General Skilled Migration.
There are a number of exceptions where a Skills Assessment may not be required, for example;

  • Your Nominated Occupation does not require a Skills Assessment
  • The Salary on offer to the visa applicant is above a certain threshold
  • The occupation may be located in a designated regional area, such as the Regional Sponsored 187 Work Visa and your occupation is exempt
  • Policy provides an exception
  • Nominated in the occupation of Senior Academic, Scientist, University lectures and Ministers of Religion under the Permanent Work 186 and 187 visas
  • New Zealand citizens who have worked for their sponsoring employer for at least two years in the nominated occupation
  • Policy provides an exceptions provided for the Temporary 457 Work visa – already hold a 457 visa in the nominated occupation, or hold a relevant Australian Qualification, or hold the required licencing/registration, or seeking to fill a nominated occupation which is an intra-company transfer and the visa applicant is currently employed in a similar occupation for the same company overseas

Each Skills Assessment Authority and each individual occupation has different requirements for a successful application. In addition, each assessment authority has different requirements for the documentation that needs to be supplied.

We simplify the Skills Assessment process by advising you of the requirements and the documentation needed to satisfy those requirements.


Professional Fees: $750 – $1500
Application Fees: Varies between Assessment Authority

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