Registered Migration Agents are highly trained professionals who are required to have an up to date knowledge of Migration law, policy and procedure to be admitted to registration every year. They must also regularly attend continuing professional development courses to keep their skills up to date as a condition of registration each year. A registered Migration Agent can assist you in making sure you meet the strict legal and policy requirements and also that your application is provided to the department with all the required documentation to ensure that a speedy decision can be made on your matter.

We are regularly contacted by clients who have made fatal mistakes because they have tried to do it themselves resulting in the loss of substantial amounts of money or at worst facing deportation or having to leave Australia to reapply or wait a number of years before they are eligible to apply again. Many people in these scenarios languish in Australia without work rights while they await their appeal hearing and ultimately fail at the tribunal because they failed to meet the legal requirements that they are required to meet at the time their application was made.

The use of a Migration Agent does not guarantee success and in fact Migration Law strictly prohibits an agent from guaranteeing a successful outcome. It is the Department of Immigration who decides if you meet the legal and policy criteria. There are serious consequences for an agent who provides incompetent advise including sanction and deregistration. Experienced Migration Agents have demonstrated that they can provide sound advice and you would be well advised to take advantage of their expertise.